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Fuel Plumbing and...

I permanently fitted the gas tank. Before I did this, I gave it a quick coat of paint; the tank needed a final coat of paint after so many trial fits (tight to get in). Rather than mess around with spray paint, I used POR-15, brushed on. This paint is incredible, it is a self leveling paint, so brush marks smooth out. The coolest thing is, the paint is not a catalyst type of paint, yet is MEK resistant - I tested it. Vent and scupper line were plumbed out the bottom skin, terminating with some cool looking faired Vans type outlets. Regulator return line was plumbed back into the top of the tank. Wing tank fuel line was routed through the cabane and a valve at the rear pit. The biggest pain was having to make a fitting at the belly skin that housed a fuel drain valve, transferring to a -4 line, that had fixing points to a bracket on the fuselage. Basically, I got some solid alum' bar, approx 4 inches long, drilled it out, tapped both ends 1/8 NPT, then had a plate TIG welded to it for an attach point, painted it, looks pretty good. So, fuel plumbing is done, afte of the firewall, so later this week I will do a final pressure test.

The tasks looming, are mounting the mock-up core engine so I can start the cowling and work back across the top of the nose to the PAX instrument panel, and making a new rear pit panel.

The Catto prop has been ordered...probably a 5 month lead time, but it's not like I am stuck without it...I'll be going nowhere for a while... :0)

I decided to make an external smoke oil filler cap fairing out of balsa/glass..pics will eventually appear, of that...I also decided to add an inertia switch to the smoke system - in case I hit something hard and the pump is on. Currently, I am seriously thinking of tieing this in also with the fuel boost pump...

Boost pump with bypass

Powder-coated floor rails

Smoke oil fill fairing prep

Tank finally fitted

Flop tube access

Insertia switch for Smoke and fuel boost pump

cool vent outlets

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